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We believe we want to change how adventure travel is delivered, leading from the front. We believe that there is more than one way to travel – and that is why we are offering “CO-VENTURE” – an initiative where we co-create adventure with people who are as passionate about adventure travel as us.

What is Co-Venture?
If you love backpacking, want to test your adventure limits, and are prepared to rough it up in the outdoors, this might just be for you. Co-ventures is leading adventure Sindbad style! Exploring the unknown and discovering and creating the map for new trails.

On these adventures, you accompany us as a buddy and partner, equal in adventure. These are routes that we still haven’t explored, but would love to. Trails we have heard about, have done some research on and believe are a great potential as an offering for the company. We want to experience the adventure first-hand and assess the trip before designing the trip as an offering. Amenities are basic - we carry most of what we need in our backpacks including a tent, walk long hours…sometimes from dawn till dusk, and survive with essentials. A no frills trip done just for the purpose of reconnoitering a new route and taking a break while on a break ;)

This kind of adventure comes with its own perks. Experience the terrain in solitude, meet locals, stay with locals and eat local. Think Local! As a passionate team of adventure travellers, we want to throw open our recces to travellers who love a rugged escapade! This will give you an opportunity to design a real adventure trip, define how customer experiences should look like, and learn behind the scenes of how real adventure businesses are built. We in turn will get a trip recced, photographed and recorded. And if you have the time, you could co-lead the actual trip with us.

Write or Talk to us to know more. We have an evaluation process, to know more about you, about your commitment to Co-Venture and why you want to be part of this.

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